Wednesday, Sep 22, 2021

Cortizo: Starting Wednesday, July 28, 561,731 will be vaccinated with Pfizer

Cortizo: Starting Wednesday, July 28, 561,731 will be vaccinated with Pfizer

Under the PanavaC-19 operation, sweeps will be carried out in ten circuits in different sectors of the country.

The president of Panama, Laurentino Cortizo announced through his Twitter account that it is scheduled for this week to immunize more than 500 thousand Panamanians with the dose of the vaccine against COVID-19 developed by Pfizer.

"As of Wednesday, July 28, we plan to vaccinate 561,731 Panamanians with Pfizer," said the Panamanian president.

Among the sectors that have been chosen to carry out the vaccination sweep since the age of 12 are:

Embera region

- 5-1 (Chepigana, Santa Fe de Darien, Sambú)
- 5-2 (Pinogana, Cémaco)

Sweep vaccination from 16 years of age:

- 9-3 (Calobre, Cañazas, San Francisco, Santa Fe)
- 2-2 (Anton)
- 2-4 (Aguadulce)
- 4-3 (Bugaba, Highlands)
- 4-5 (Boquete, Dolega, Gualaca)
- 8-1 (Arraiján)
- 8-6 (San Miguelito)

It was added that in these sweeps, patients with chronic diseases will be vaccinated at 9-1 (Santiago).

It was announced that through the PanavaC-19 continuous vaccination strategy, the doses will be taken to areas with difficult access by air and by sea.

President Cortizo also announced that immunization will continue with AstraZeneca in Auto Express and Vaccination Centers nationwide.

It should be noted that according to the Ministry of Health (Minsa), from January 20, when the vaccination against COVID-19 began in the country, to date 2,252,051 doses have been applied, of which 1.5 million correspond to first doses, and more from 700 thousand to second doses.

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