Thursday, Aug 05, 2021

Cortizo: la próxima semana empieza la vacunación en Bocas del Toro y Veraguas desde los 12 años; y en San Miguelito desde los 16 años

Cortizo: starting next week vaccination begins in Bocas del Toro and Veraguas from the age of 12

President Laurentino Cortizo revealed during a work tour in the province of Coclé that from next week an immunization day will begin on the 1-1 circuit in the province of Bocas del Toro.
Cortizo explained that children from the age of 12 will be included. While in circuits 2-2 and 2-4, of Coclé, residents from 16 years of age onwards will be attended.

He added that circuits 5-1 and 5-2, in the province of Darien, will serve the entire population. Meanwhile, from the age of 12, vaccination will be in the Emberá-Wounaan region.

Since July 26, the population from 16 years of age will also be immunized in the Arraiján district, specifically in the 8-1 circuit.

In the district of San Miguelito (circuit 8-6), vaccination posts will also be attended from the age of 16.

In the 9-3 circuit of the province of Veraguas, minors from 12 years of age will be included. "Be prepared for next week," he said.

According to Cortizo, the PanaVac19 organization has been "successful" due to the number of people who are responding to the call to get vaccinated, which also benefits his family and co-workers.

"Vaccination is being smart," Cortizo emphasized, recalling that it will also help to vacate hospital rooms and improve the country's economy.

This Wednesday, July 21, more than 73 thousand people were vaccinated in the country, "it was a record day," recalled the Panamanian president in the province of Coclé. Cortizo also asked that people who come to the immunization centers be treated, because the interest is that they "get vaccinated."

mike 13 days ago
Cortizo obviously belongs to those people who don't understand anything about medicine


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