Thursday, Mar 04, 2021

Un comité especializado en bioseguridad desarrolló las medidas en atención a las recomendaciones de las autoridades sanitarias.

Copa Airlines applies biosecurity measures on all its flights

The Panamanian Copa Airlines, which now operates with a reduced number of flights due to COVID-19, presented this Monday the disinfection, hygiene and biosecurity protocols that it has implemented to offer a safe environment at each stage of its travels.
A committee specialized in biosafety developed the measures in response to the recommendations of national health authorities and international organizations, Copa reported in a public statement.

These measures take into account the best practices observed in the industry since the pandemic began, the company said, highlighting that biosecurity begins from home.

The airline mentioned that these measures were tested successfully in the more than 130 humanitarian operations carried out by Copa in the last five months and are being implemented on the flights that they will operate in August.

Copa Arlines will operate a reduced number of flights starting this August, after the Government of Panama authorized the limited opening of the Tocumen International Airport, the main one in the country and an important regional connection center, which has restricted international flights for COVID-19.

The Senior Director of Customer Experience, Diani Mizrachi, stated that Copa Airlines know that COVID-19 changed the way people travel and the expectations of the passengers, and therefore they have taken all necessary measures to guarantee the greater security every flight, because the safety of the passengers is their top priority.

The measures include a healthy and safe cabin environment in all Copa Airlines aircraft, through high-efficiency filters (HEPA) that purify up to 99.97% of virus and bacteria particles, similar to an operating room.

A cabin air recirculation system renews the air every 2 to 3 minutes, with a vertical displacement that prevents it from being shared with passengers from the sides and front.

In addition, specialized teams from the airline are responsible for the thorough hygiene and disinfection of the interior of the aircraft, particularly at high contact points, using products with a high rate of effectiveness recommended by the authorities.

Also, the use of electrostatic sprayers allows the disinfectant to adhere even better to hard-to-reach surfaces.

In addition, a rigorous disinfection procedures for all products entering the aircraft throughout the supply chain, as well as a simplified on-board food and beverage service, limit the interaction between crew members and passengers.

Similarly, a new boarding process allows each passenger to put their boarding pass in the scanning device and show their documentation to the staff at the door.

For physical distancing, the airline detailed that protective acrylics have been installed in the counters of airports where it operates, including Tocumen, and signs in the waiting line so that passengers maintain the physical distance established by the health authorities of each country.

Copa Airlines has strengthened the hygiene and disinfection processes at airports, using high-end products recommended by the authorities at counters, service centers, boarding gates and high-touch points at all stages of the travel experience.

In addition, he stressed that the airline's employees will be wearing masks.

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