Monday, Mar 01, 2021

Copa Airlines anuncia vuelos humanitarios de Washington DC y Miami a Panamá

Copa Airlines announces humanitarian flights from Washington and Miami to Panama

The Copa Airlines announced humanitarian flights for August 10 and 12, 2020.
On August 10, the airline will carry out a humanitarian flight for Panamanian passengers and residents who want to return to Panama from Miami.

According to Copa, the itinerary of flight 4844 will be from Miami to Panama City and the departure time will be at 4:14 pm and the arrival time will be 6:20 pm

While for August 12, there will be a humanitarian flight from Washington DC to Panama. The flight time will be from 3:47 pm to 7:42 pm

On August 10 there will also be a humanitarian flight from Panama City to Miami and on August 12 another to Washington.

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