Saturday, Mar 06, 2021

Copa Airlines Y Promtur Panamá presentan nuevo video de seguridad inspirado en las maravillas de Panamá

Copa Airlines and Promtur launch security video

The Copa Airlines airlines and the Tourism Promotion Fund (Promtur Panama) launched this Thursday the new security video, which is inspired by the tourist attractions of Panama, such as its culture, natural wealth, beaches and entertainment options and fun.
In the video, filmed at the end of 2019 by the audiovisual production company VFX of Panama, the crews and ground personnel of Copa Airlines guide the passenger through a journey full of music, culture, adventures and experiences that every tourist would like to live. , along 12 emblematic places of the beautiful and diverse Panamanian geography, while creatively exposing each of the security measures that must be complied with during all airline flights.

“This world-class production seeks to position Panama as a singular tourist destination, abundant in culture, natural wealth, beaches, and entertainment and fun options, while informing its passengers in an entertaining way, about the important security measures that they must comply with. during the trip ... the important audiovisual piece is the most recent of Panama's multiple promotional efforts and initiatives that, together with the Panama Stopover program launched in 2019, position the country as one of the most attractive destinations for travelers in the region, and that Copa Airlines and the national tourism authorities have carried out over the years ”, highlights Copa in a statement.

It details that the new security video is the first in Latin America dedicated entirely to highlighting the wonders of a country, and can be enjoyed by passengers of different nationalities who fly daily with Copa Airlines, while actively promoting through the airline's social networks and the destination's digital platforms,, as well as in other media, with the aim of awakening the interest and desire to know Panama, as people from all over the world begin to redo your travel plans.

“We decided to launch this important video that enhances the beauty of Panama at this time, because the country has just reopened its borders and must continue to position itself as a tourist destination, especially when the decision to travel for pleasure is a process that begins a long time before the trip. We believe that this effort will be a stimulus in the progressive reactivation of a sector that has been prepared and is ready in terms of biosecurity to receive visitors, once they are ready to travel ” , expressed Pedro Heilbron, executive president of Copa Airlines.

Meanwhile, Fernando Duque, president of the Board of Directors of PROMTUR Panama, pointed out that “as an international destination marketing organization, we are committed to increasing the visibility of Panama, highlighting the beauty of our natural and cultural heritage. This video is part of the Stopover Strategic Alliance, launched in 2019 in conjunction with the Panamanian airline that flies to our main target markets ” .

It is worth mentioning that Panama City, Casco Viejo, Boquete, San Carlos Lagoon, Bocas del Toro, Los Santos, Chagres National Park and Tocumen International Airport were some of the locations where the production was filmed at the end of 2019. It had a team of more than 250 people including scriptwriters, creatives, producers, technicians, actors, folk groups and natives of the different regions that served as the stage to show tourists the experiences that only in Panama can enjoy.

“The new Copa safety video that highlights the authenticity of our culture and nature is a very wise contribution, just at the moment when Panama is concentrating its efforts on reactivating tourism, betting on the new Sustainable Tourism Master Plan for the innovation and the differentiation of our destination based on the extraordinary richness and diversity of our natural and cultural heritage ”, stated the general administrator of the Panama Tourism Authority, Iván Eskildsen.

Oh ya 127 days ago
Ya good luck with that. Half the world unemployed and your thinking they are dreaming about coming to Panama to
look at the tons of plastic covering the beaches, along with being charged gringo prices for low quality crap.. But then again if you have nothing to offer the world other than mainly tourism why not give it a try


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