Sunday, Feb 28, 2021

Hospital Modular Panamá Solidario

Controversial Modular Hospital will open for COVID-19 patients on Thursday 11 June

On Thursday, June 11, the Ministry of Health will initiate care for patients with COVID-19 at the Modular Panama Solidario Hospital, according to the Minister of Public Works, Rafael Sabonge.
The minister stated that Minsa and the MOP have worked together to achieve this goal, and with the permission of the Benemérito Fire Department, and endorsement by the Technical Commission of the Minsa, starting tomorrow the hospital will be open patients.

The hospital, which in its first stage has 100 beds, comprises of several blocks:

- CAP room with 16 short tomographs and plates to monitor patients
- Test laboratory
- 20 single rooms, plus 100 beds
- Intensive Care Unit (ICU) and semi-intensive
- Video cameras to minimize nurses' contact with patients
- Area for health personnel to be sterilized and rest
- Bathrooms for health personnel
- Facilities for patients who have already left the ICU
- Offices for the administrative sector
- Offices for the Medical Directorate
- Meeting room

For the hospital, which was built in a month, the Public Ministry opened an external investigation and the Office of the Public Prosecutor of the Administration received complaints for the alleged rejection of the donation of a Chinese company to convert the Amador Convention Center into a temporary hospital with 1,500 beds.

Sabonge indicated that these investigations arose "based on two news that were not correct" and that documents showed a false reality on which that news should have been captured.

He added that, despite the fact that the hospital will open this Thursday, the construction company SmartBrix has not charged "a dollar", because the contract has not been endorsed, since the Comptroller General of the Republic denied the endorsement for "documentary observations on procedures and others, which according to Sabonge, is typical in this matter of public procurement.

He noted that payment will be made when the contract is endorsed. "Maybe they require a little more information, and we are working on that," he concluded.

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