Sunday, Sep 25, 2022

Concerns grow that Trump's election lie a dress rehearsal for 2024

A growing number of Trump supporters who promoted his election fraud claims are running for key election posts across the country in order to prevent election fraud in 2024. CNN selected experts are warning that election integrity “could be bad for US democracy”.

ToDave 291 days ago
I don’t understand why you saw what we describe exactly in line with your opinion about CNN, as negative.

“CNN selected expert” means warning of biased “expert” opinion,.

No one smart trust CNN anymore, obviously. Stupid people trust CNN.
Dave 291 days ago
"CNN-selected experts"??? -- that's code for both disreputable and discredited. CNN's ratings are so low, its format will be changed to "all news" in an effort to rescue this suspect operation. Give us a break, PanaTimes. Your readers are more informed than you assume. CNN is garbage.


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