Saturday, Feb 27, 2021

Complaint filed against three ministers for a PRD meeting during quarantine

Complaint filed against three ministers for a PRD meeting during quarantine

A complaint was filed against the ministers Rosario Turner, Doris Zapata and Eyra Ruiz, to the Public Ministry on Monday, June 22, for having called the meeting held by deputies and directors of the PRD last Thursday, a meeting that was sanctioned by the authorities of Health for not complying with sanitary regulations to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.
The meeting, which took place at the restaurant Parrillada Jimmy's, and which generated various protests from various sectors of the people, was fined for $50,000 for the Democratic Revolutionary Party (PRD) and a like for the owners of the restaurant for violating sanitary provisions.

The summons to the appointment was signed by three ministers of State: Doris Zapata (of Labor), Rosario Turner (of Health) and Eyra Ruiz (counselor on public health issues), who serve as first vice president, third undersecretary and second undersecretary of the National Executive Committee (CEN) of the PRD. Zapata even participated personally in the meeting.

Abdiel González, who filed the complaint, affirmed that the ministers must be separated from office and investigated for the alleged commission of crimes against public health, excess of functions and violation of the Constitution against the Executive Decree currently in place.

This meeting was called to define how the payroll of the governing collective would be for the new board of directors of the National Assembly, which will take office on July 1. Marcos Castillero, current president of the Assembly, who is running for re-election, was also present in the meeting.

Pedro Miguel González, secretary general of the CEN, exempted the ministers from any responsibility and said that he was the one with the idea of ​​reuniting the caucus at Jimmy's. Now the party asks for "donations" to the population, to cover the $ 50,000 fine, because the Electoral Court warned that it may not be settled with funds from the electoral subsidy.

The PRD meeting took place at a time when health authorities ask the population to comply with regulations to prevent the spread of the pandemic, which include avoiding the crowds of more than ten people and the closure of restaurants.

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