Wednesday, Mar 03, 2021

Companies must register COVID-19 prevention and care committees

Companies must register COVID-19 prevention and care committees

The Ministry of Health (Minsa) and the Ministry of Labor and Labor Development (Mitradel), signed today Wednesday the basic guide for the creation, registration and operation of the special committee on health and hygiene for the prevention and care of the new coronavirus COVID- 19.
The companies will be able to register the Special Committee of Health and Hygiene for the Prevention and Attention to the COVID-19 following the guide that was officialized this Wednesday, May 20 by the Ministry of Labor and Labor Development in conjunction with the Ministry of Health.

The Ministers of Health and Labor and Labor Development signed the document that will be available for use by companies, which can be downloaded from the Mitradel and Minsa digital portals.

Doris Zapata, Minister of Labor, exposed the need to promote health in jobs and stressed that some 1,000 companies in the country have already implemented committees. "The guarantee of establishing this guide in an articulated manner is an important step for the country that will allow new practices to be installed in companies that are gradually reactivating to face the crisis and provide security to each of the workers and their families," said Minister Zapata.

For the registration of the committees, the Panama Digital project was launched, one of the campaign promises of the President of the Republic, which seeks to centralize all government procedures on a safe and effective platform. The minister, Rosario Turner reiterated that "Even in the pandemic season, the Government plan, Uniting Forces, is being fulfilled, demonstrating that we are committed to occupational safety, the implementation of the committees will allow progress towards the normality that Panama requires." The Minister of Health pointed out.

To access the guide, companies must enter the website to click on the Create the Health and Hygiene Committee button, create their user to register the Committee, complete the form and send the requested documents. The process must have the approval of Mitradel and Minsa to obtain the Healthy Panama certification.

The Special Committee, will verify through daily meetings compliance with health regulations and application of the protocol, must be composed of 2 representatives from both sectors (employer and worker) if the company maintains from 2 to 10 workers, 4 if the workforce It is made up of 11 to 40 workers and 6 people if the company has 41 or more workers. If there is a union within the company, a representative of this social organization will form part of the Committee.

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