Thursday, Jul 07, 2022

Companies demand a schedule and fewer obstacles to reopening

Companies demand a schedule and fewer obstacles to reopening

Business unions warn about lack of clarity on the dates for reactivation and ask the Government to be a facilitator of private investment.
While the private sector awaits confirmation of the restart date of operations of the second block of activities, two important business associations expressed their concern about public management of the gradual reopening of activity.

The Chamber of Commerce, Industries and Agriculture of Panama warned of "the lack of clarity of the opening schedule, which does not have fixed dates for the following blocks and does not adhere to a unified, concrete and immediate policy that aims at economic recovery under the established sanitary guidelines.”

The Panamanian Association of Company Executives (Apede) requested clear procedures for the reopening. "The protocols established by the Ministry of Labor and Labor Development, with the aim that companies can return to work, are complicated and do not guarantee what they are looking for", said the union, which drew attention to the obligations for companies: a company with more than 51 workers has to hire an occupational safety professional to evaluate the hygiene and safety protocol, when companies do not currently have the capacity to hire.

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