Wednesday, Dec 01, 2021

License plates issued 2021 will be valid until 2025

License plates issued 2021 will be valid until 2025

To obtain the corresponding plates or distinctive, the owner of the vehicle must comply with the rules already established.
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Sid 67 days ago
Gee no replies from the peanut gallery Jack and Steve.
Sid 67 days ago
each plate will have in its inner part centered , stamped in high relief and inked in black, the number corresponding to said year, followed by the last year of validity of the plate. For example, if you registered it in 2022, it will say "2022 - 2026", and so on. Boy this makes a lot of sense. If it is so easy please explain
Steve 65 days ago
Sid, Agree that the translation is a bit tacky, but are you serious that you can't figure out the news from this article?
JackBlob 67 days ago
What is there NOT to understand (except you're tripple vaxxed).

Plates issued THIS year will be valid for the NEXT FIVE years.

Small step, but at least an improving step to get rid of this yearly madness!
Steve 67 days ago
If only they could write slower, so Sid could also understand...
Sid 67 days ago
And in terms a human can understand it says what?