Sunday, Dec 05, 2021

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Oh ya 99 days ago
Boy panatimes is full of fear porn today and the jab pushers are desperate as they can see the people are waking up about the clot shot. Those kids that got the flu are lucky as they now have natural ammunity for life. Anyone under 20 that is healthy has a 99.997 % chance of living. Israel posts everyday what is going on there and they are a heavy vaxxed country and are now saying 86 % of people who are in the hospital are fully vaxxed. Gee I guess the clot shot is doing what it was designed to do (according to the devil bill gates) world de population. We must all prepare to lose friends and family who took the jab, some did this before the truth came out, I really feel sorry for those ones and the others took the clot shot after the truth started coming out and I have no remorse for them, they are just plain stupid.
Claire Sheppard 99 days ago
What a bunch of fear-mongering nonsense! The powers-that-be will not stop until everyone willingly becomes slaves!