Saturday, Sep 18, 2021

Indians Hold $40 Billion in Crypto – The Young Prefer Crypto Over Gold

Indians Hold $40 Billion in Crypto – The Young Prefer Crypto Over Gold

Cryptocurrency investments have been gaining popularity in India over the past year, according to blockchain data. Despite the strict regulatory situation in the second largest country by population, more than 15 million Indians have bought or sold digital currencies.
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Colon Boy 79 days ago
I agree Oh ya, this site has turned into a Bitcoin infomercial. It almost like someone is underwater with their bitcoin investment because of the price drop and are now looking to pump and dump.
PanaTimes Editor 79 days ago
Thank you for the comment. Actually it's just content partnerships with sister publications under the same umbrella. No agenda. The articles should have balance between negative and positive news. If you notice that it's not the case, please let us know.

Sometimes it might seem that there is a lot of certain topic because the contributors publish several articles under the same category, and the homepage layout, which doesn't separate content in different categories. Local news should always appear on top, regardless.

Also, if a topic is not of interest, you are more than welcome to leave it unread, or contribute more interesting topics.
Oh ya 80 days ago
Panatimes is there anything happening in the world other than crypto and fashion? Your site is off the rails. It is called panatimes because it should cover some news about Panama