Tuesday, Mar 09, 2021

Sistema Coca Cola vende participación accionaria de Estrella Azul a un grupo multi-latino

Coca Cola FEMSA sells stake in Estrella Azul to Panama Dairy Ventures Ltd

The Coca Cola FEMSA Company announced the sale of its entire stake in Estrella Azul to Panama Dairy Ventures Ltd, a multi-Latin group, which operates in the food industry of the Central American region.
The dairy market has a solid infrastructure that enables the production of the highest quality raw milk.

Previously, the Government has supported the development of the Panamanian dairy industry, which is one of the most competitive in the region, through various initiatives to stimulate milk production and increase per capita consumption.

Coca-Cola has been the main investor in the dairy sector in the last 10 years, opening a route to the market with a broad national scope.

Following this announcement, the Blue Star announced that it will continue operating without interruptions, guaranteeing the purchase of milk from its more than 200 suppliers and supplying its products to the customers across the country.

Oh ya 158 days ago
And if you can buy it raw from a farmer do so. Strain it and put it in the fridge. By morning the cream is at the top and it is healthy whole milk


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