Thursday, May 13, 2021

La sesión fue presidida por Osman Valdés, presidente encargado de la CNRE

CNRE approves articles on gender parity

On Saturday, December 19, the National Commission for Electoral Reforms (CNRE) approved articles on gender parity.
In this sense, the members of the CNRE approved articles 308-G on the equal participation of 50% of men and 50% of women in the internal and general electoral processes, for the composition of both the internal organic structures, in the nominations to positions of popular election, of constituted political parties or in formation.

The difference between the total number of women and men cannot be greater than one.

Article 308-H, referring to voting in primaries of multi-member constituencies in which a ballot will be used, which must contain a list of women and one of men, in which the voter may vote for one man and one woman from each listing.

The number of votes obtained will determine the positions for the nominations in the general elections.

In addition, the Electoral Court reported, articles 308-I on parity in single-member constituencies were approved, in which it is established that nominations for all positions will be composed of a principal and alternate of different genders.

308-J on nominations in even multi-member constituencies, in which a woman is guaranteed to head half of the list of these circuits and nominations in odd electoral circuits will be equitable.

Articles 308-K were also approved regarding the rejection of applications that do not comply with the provisions of gender parity; 308-L which specifies compliance with parity and alternation in alliances, whether between political parties or candidacies for free nomination, as well as 308-M.

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