Friday, Jun 18, 2021

Una adulta mayor de 60 años del circuito 8-6 (distrito de San Miguelito)

Circuit 8-6 receives second dose of COVID-19 vaccine April 5

As of April 5, 2021, the application of the second dose of the vaccine against COVID-19 will begin in adults older than 60 years in the 8-6 circuit, as confirmed by Yaritzel Ríos, regional director of Health of San Miguelito.
Operation PanaVac-19 reported a total of 48,827 people vaccinated with the first dose.

Ríos said "we have many bedridden patients, for which we are little by little attending the houses ... the 60-year-old adults who have not been able to get vaccinated from the 8-6 circuit, let them know that they can call 177."

The application of the second dose will be carried out in the 19 vaccination centers enabled in the first massive day, which are:

- CEBG Louis Martinz / Escuela Italia / First Cycle León Antonio Soto in the Amelia Denis de Icaza district
- EB Martin L. King in the Arnulfo Arias district
- CEBG José de San Martín / CEBG Bilingual Santa Marta in the Belisario Frías district
- Carlos A. Mendoza Bilingual CBEG / Samaria Sinaí School / Don Bosco Samaria School in the Belisario Porras district
- C.EG.B Bilingual State of Israel / P. de María School (private) / CEBG José Domingo Espinar in the José Domingo Espinar district.
- Bilingual Republic of Colombia in the Mateo Iturralde district
- CEBG B. Santiago de La Guardia / CEBG Bilingüe Los Andes / Domingo Faustino Sarmiento School in the village of Omar Torrijos
- EB Father Xavier Villanueva / E. Bilingual Pedro J. Ameglio / E. Samuel Lewis Galindo in the village of Rufina Alfaro
- CEBG Bilingual Rep. of Germany in the Victoriano Lorenzo district.

For those who belong to Phase 2 Stage 2A of circuit 8-6 and have not been able to vaccinate, on line 177 option 2 they will be provided the information about the day and time that corresponds to apply the first dose of the vaccine, in the Irving Saladino Sports City.

It is recommended that the population over 60 years of age wear comfortable clothes and eat before attending the vaccination.

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