Wednesday, Oct 05, 2022

Christie's Hong Kong Will Enter The PFP NFT Game In September

Christie's Hong Kong Will Enter The PFP NFT Game In September

Christie‘s Hong Kong will be the first auctioneer to offer PFP NFTS starting in September. For those unfamiliar, PFP NFTS are profile pictures brought to prominence by celebrities like Jay-Z, which feature popular art series — from CryptoPunks and Bored Ape Yacht Clubs to Meebits.
On top of the popular avatars seen across the Twitterverse, like CryptoPunks series of zombies, apes, and aliens, the “With No Time Like Present” auction will present a rare Meebit of a 3D skull in a black-and-white suit, entitled “#6337, 2021.” Speaking on Meebit’s, just this week, one fetched a whopping $653,344 USD on OpenSea — a testament to the rising popularity of this market.

Christie’s entrance into PFP NFTS is part of its aim to cultivate a new marketplace of buyers, which according to a recent press release, states over 70 percent of its NFT buyers are new to Christies and vastly younger than the auctioneer’s typical customer.

The “With No Time Like Present” is an online-only auction that runs from September 17 to 28.

Elsewhere in art, KAWS has unveiled an 18-ft sculpture in front of the iconic steps of the Rockefeller Center.

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