Saturday, Feb 27, 2021

China's fourth COVID-19 vaccine enters clinical trial stage

China's fourth COVID-19 vaccine enters clinical trial stage

China's fourth COVID-19 vaccine entered clinical trials on Tuesday in central China's Henan province. The vaccine is developed by the National Institute of Vaccines and Serums under the China National Biotechnology Group (CNBG).
This is the second inactivated COVID-19 vaccine that CNBC has developed and has been approved by the China National Administration of Medical Products for its clinical trials. The country's first inactivated COVID-19 vaccine has already entered the second phase of clinical trials on Friday.

Since the outbreak of the new coronavirus, the CNBG has allocated 1 billion yuan ($141.29 million) to develop vaccines against COVID-19 at three of its research institutes along two technical routes.

“It usually takes several years to research and develop a vaccine. But we have been working shifts throughout the day, which shortens the time. This also demonstrates the strength and speed of China, "said Wang Hui, president of the National Institute of Vaccines and Serum.

Wang said the research team has conquered a number of key technologies in vaccine production and quality control, and has conducted three clinical samples of high, moderate and low doses. The vaccine will not be released until the third phase of clinical trials is completed.

The CNBG has built the world's largest COVID-19 vaccine laboratory in Beijing, with a designed production capacity of 100 million doses each year, capable of meeting the demand for large-scale emergency use and routine vaccination. .

“It took 78 days to build the laboratory from site selection to completion of construction, while the actual construction period was only about 60 days. This is the first high-level biosafety protection laboratory for human use in China, ”said Dong Jianchun, head of the engineering support department of the National Institute of Vaccines and Serum.

"Once the laboratory is created, in accordance with the law and with the approval of the relevant state departments, the vaccine produced in it could serve special groups of people, such as medical professionals, diplomats, construction workers of the Strip and Route, and students abroad, "said Zhu Jingjin, head of the CNBG.

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