Tuesday, Aug 09, 2022

El acto fue encabezado por el presidente, Laurentino Cortizo y contó con la presencia del ministro de Salud, Luis Francisco Sucre; el embajador de China en Panamá, Wei Qiang; la canciller panameña, Erica Mouynes y otras autoridades

China donates 4 field hospitals and 60 folding beds to Panama

The embassy of the People's Republic of China donated 4 health care posts (PAS) and 60 folding beds to the National Government, to reinforce hospital capacity in the fight against covid-19 in both the Ministry of Health (Minsa) and the Caja de Social Security (CSS).
The event was led by the president, Laurentino Cortizo and was attended by the Minister of Health, Luis Francisco Sucre ; the Chinese Ambassador to Panama, Wei Qiang; the Panamanian Foreign Minister, Erika Mouynes and other authorities.

Today we have received four field hospitals and sixty beds that will contribute to strengthening our health care system in the face of this mortal danger that still threatens us as well as the rest of the world, said Cortizo.

The use of these health care posts is recommended in actions that do not warrant a long stay, in activities of mass events and social events, such as food delivery and health promotion, among others.

During 2020, the People's Republic of China donated 5 respirators, temperature monitoring equipment, 10 ventilators, 200 kits for the diagnosis of Covid-19, masks, personal protective equipment and 35 ventilators; that were distributed in health facilities nationwide.

The act of formal delivery was signed by Foreign Minister Mouynes and Ambassador Wei.

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