Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Chamber of Commerce requires transparency in purchases to address the pandemic

Chamber of Commerce requires transparency in purchases to address the pandemic

The Chamber of Commerce, Industries and Agriculture of Panama (CCIAP) demanded transparency in the purchase of equipment and goods to crack down any foul play in addressing the coronavirus pandemic.
The union indicated that it is concerned that "the titanic effort made in the fight against COVID-19 is called into question, and that public confidence, in that fight, is being broken by acquisition processes questioned for lack of transparency."

Jorge Juan de la Guardia, president of the Chamber, said that "we Panamanians have built our trust in the authorities, as a result of the effort and leadership they have shown during the time spent at the head of the government administration and, especially, at this time when you are probably facing the greatest challenge of our republican life."

Although the circumstances require immediate action, the Chamber considers that “the participation rules for equipment purchases must be clearly defined, such as those used today in traditional procedures, so as to preserve and respect the transparency and a level playing field for proponents ”.

"At a time when the best will of the country is focused on containing the progress of the pandemic and efforts are made to gather the necessary resources for it, any improper act in the use of said resources would be condemned under the cloak of the current health emergency national ”, pointed out the Guard in a statement sent this Monday March 27.

The union said it is confident that the various cases that have come to light will be cleared up and that officials will answer for their actions.

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