Thursday, Jun 24, 2021

Cámara de Comercio pide que también se le dé prioridad a la economía

Chamber of Commerce: economy should be prioritized

In its weekly message, the Chamber of Commerce, Industries and Agriculture of Panama (CCIAP) states that the authorities must take urgent action to counteract the crisis that the country is experiencing due to the coronavirus pandemic.
The Chamber of Commerce states that in the same way, as the health situation is handled as a priority, the economic crisis is also addressed with measures that contribute to mitigating the effects generated by Covid-19.

If the lack of urgency in addressing economic issues and the review to gradually lift current restrictions persists, the negative effects of the pandemic will continue to increase, with the consequent impact on Panamanians, which is seeing its sustainability diminish every day, reflected in the statement that bears the signature of the president of the union Jean-Pierre Leignadier.

In addition, the Chamber of Commerce expresses its concern about the draft General State Budget for Fiscal Validity 2021, which refers to a 3.3% increase and is based on a recovery of the private sector.

But we know that such performance depends on a plan for reopening and economic reactivation with metrics that must be made visible as soon as possible, read the statement.

The CCIAP reiterates that the more time passes, it will be more difficult for companies to recover or even to reopen; consequently, impacting the projected income to support the budget report.

Likewise, the Chamber of Commerce suggests that these five months of pandemic should serve to urgently reflect and rethink actions to address the health and social issue, hand in hand with an economy that facilitates maintaining jobs.

Oh ya 317 days ago
The president needs to allow the ones not at as much risk to get on with life, protect those with high risk and open the country. allow the use of HCQ , a Z pac and get everyone on zinc as soon as they feel any signs of ill health. If he can not do this then they need to vote in someone who will


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