Sunday, Sep 26, 2021

CD deputies file a complaint for alleged misuse of the party's post-election subsidy

CD deputies file a complaint for alleged misuse of the party's post-election subsidy

Deputy Yanibel Ábrego asked the TE magistrates to "immediately suspend" the CD party's training subsidy.
Deputies of Democratic Change led by Yanibel Ábrego presented this Monday before the Electoral Tribunal (TE) of Panama an administrative complaint for alleged mismanagement of the party's post-electoral subsidy.

Ábrego indicated that within the complaint they ask the TE magistrates to "immediately suspend" the training subsidy of the CD party until they carry out the respective investigations for "the alleged findings that we have found within the mismanagement" in the collective.

"We have contracted headquarters in Chitré, monthly, 2,900 dollars are paid to a local for a 20-year contract and we do not even know if the Democratic Change party will be in 20 years, when usually annual contracts are made or for a maximum of two years," said the deputy Ábrego.

She described as unacceptable that CD directors "charge per diem, hire themselves and have per diem for themselves and their entire family members, we have found that on the Electoral Tribunal's website."

She also asked the Electoral Court magistrates "to play their role ... we have hundreds of thousands (of dollars) that have been spent on travel expenses, even in the midst of the pandemic."

For its part, Cambio Democrático, through a statement, stated that for a few weeks the group "has been the object of a systematic campaign of unfounded and political attacks carried out by a group of deputies that operates from the Legislative Assembly with the support of the Government."

They consider as "political attacks" the alleged administrative complaint before the Electoral Tribunal, "which is reflected in alleged misrepresentations, baseless arguments and cowardly threats."

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