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Can DOGE Rally Towards $1 Again in 2021 – Here's What Experts Say

Can DOGE Rally Towards $1 Again in 2021 – Here's What Experts Say

The question in ever Dogecoin bulls mind during these tough times of market volatility, is can Dogecoin make another leap towards 1$ price. And if yes; when?

The latest massive fluctuations we’ve seen in the crypto market have been truly incredible. Indeed, for investors in meme coins such as Dogecoin, these moves have been more pronounced. Accordingly, investors are increasingly interested in what the prospective Dogecoin price predictions are moving forward.

Indeed, Dogecoin’s rapid rise and fall is related to a number of factors. A serious crypto crackdown in China is pouring cold water on the sector, sparing no victims. And celebrity CEO Elon Musk’s lack of incessant tweeting supporting Dogecoin hasn’t helped this crypto’s recent decline. For DOGE investors, the silence is deafening.

Indeed, whether new catalysts arise to take DOGE to the moon remains to be seen. However, if sentiment picks up in the crypto space, Dogecoin has shown the ability to outshine its meme peers.

Given the moves in recent days with DOGE prices recovering would indicate there’s still hope. Here’s where the experts think Dogecoin could be headed.

Dogecoin Price Predictions

For reference, DOGE currently trades at $0.22 per coin, at the time of writing.

- WalletInvestor provides a one-year and five-year price target on DOGE of $0.44 and $1.12, respectively.
- InvestingCube notes support for DOGE at the $0.28 level.
- Forexcrunch believes DOGE could potentially trade above $0.30 in bullish market conditions.
- suggests a price target of $1 by April 2025 is feasible.

Still Dogecoin is up 3940% since January 1, 2021, when it was trading at $0.005789 level.

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