Friday, Jun 18, 2021

La Cámara Nacional de Turismo de Panamá solicita se le brinde el cronograma de vacunación

Camtur asks for vaccination schedule to determine when tourism can be reactivated

A call for the release of the vaccination schedule against COVID-19 that is scheduled to apply the doses to the population of the Republic of Panama, was made this Wednesday by the National Chamber of Tourism (Camtur).
The union, which is made up of the 15 main associations in the sector, emphasizes that they require this information in order to know when the activities they carry out can be reactivated without worrying that the investment they make to promote the country will not be seen harmed by drastic restriction measures.

Camtur adds that this sector aims to contribute to the reactivation of the country's economy, however, the uncertainty and lack of programming prevent them from providing their contribution and generating greater sources of work.

“The absence of a vaccination schedule and its adequate dissemination makes us less competitive at the international level and does not allow us to adequately reactivate this sector of the economy, which generates significant income for the country; and that people can be fit to work," the statement added.

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