Tuesday, Sep 27, 2022

Cabinet Council approves Vacutur Panama project that seeks to reactivate tourism

Cabinet Council approves Vacutur Panama project that seeks to reactivate tourism

Through Vacutur Panama it is sought to attract the arrival of tourists to the country for the application of doses of vaccines from the pharmaceutical AstraZeneca.

The Vacutur Panama project through which it seeks to reactivate the country's tourism sector was approved this Wednesday by the Cabinet Council.

The Presidency of the Republic informs that through this initiative the Ministry of Health of Panama (Minsa) is authorized to use and apply AstraZeneca vaccines against Covid-19, in people who arrive in the national territory as tourists.

"Vacutur Panama seeks to attract the arrival of tourists to Panama for the application of doses of vaccines from the pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca," he highlights.

It details that the health authorities and the Tourism Authority of Panama (ATP) will be expanding details on the Vacutur Panama project, such as the date of its start, in the coming days.

"The objective of the Vacutur Panama project is to reactivate the economy with the accommodation of tourists for a minimum of two nights in hotels registered by the Panama Tourism Authority (ATP), which has registered more than 60 companies for the activity", the Presidency explained in a statement.

After the announcement of this approval, the Panamanian Association of Hotels (Apatel) applauded the initiative, highlighting that it will contribute to the economic reactivation and tourism in the country.



Garden Girl 373 days ago
"Stupid is and stupid does". Offering toxic jabs isn't the way to get tourists here. El Salvador is giving it's citizens a bag of Ivermectin. Sounds like a better idea.
RealMINSA 374 days ago
Daily....DAILY im wondering how the stupidity from the days before can be topped!?!? it is. The super intelligence and leadership of Panama decides to "bait" tourists with Free AZ-Shots??? Really???

You leader-guys must think that the average tourist is as IMBECIL as your own population. Meanwhile the WHOLE world is questioning Vac's and especially AZ for being proven that it is really the worst of all the available vac's.
But hey...lets try to bait MORE idiots, with idiotic a country runned and inhabited by idiots.

Not even 1 fu**ing tourist would WANT to come to this country. They all go to MEXICO. Mexico is free. NO masks, no force of nada, naaadaaaaa!

Day by day more proof that this President and all his ants are useless as a pile of shit on your breakfast table! Useless idiots - all braindead and corrupt!Rea
Oh ya 374 days ago
Maybe the future tourist do not want a experimental biological agent injected into their bodies. Maybe the goverment should just them a box of Ivermectin and a bottle of zinc pills and instruct them the dose to take if they start to feel the flu coming on. Ya I know the bought and paid for people cant do this because their bosses the pharmaceutical companies will cut off their cheques


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