Wednesday, Jun 16, 2021

El excampeón mundial Pelenchín Caballero termina de cumplir su pena de prisión

Boxing ex-world champion Pelenchín Caballero released from prison

The compliance judge Hormilda Miranda decreed the extinction of the sentence to the ex-boxer from Colón Celestino Pelenchin Caballero after having served a five-year prison sentence for the crime of drug trafficking.
However, Judge Miranda determined that starting tomorrow, Thursday, Caballero will begin serving the accessory penalty of disqualification from the exercise of public functions for a term of five years.

Caballero was sentenced to five years in prison, after being arrested in March 2016 with ten packages of drugs inside his vehicle.

Then in 2018 he was sentenced to five years in prison.

Caballero, who was the world champion in two different divisions, Caballero retired from boxing in November 2014, as one of the best in the history of national boxing.

He reigned in the super bantamweight categories (122 pounds) and was interim featherweight champion (126).

In addition to boxing, the man from Colón recorded some reggae and rap songs. He also participated in television shows.

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