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Blacklisting the Caribbean is pure Racism, not anti-money laundering and not anti-terror blah-blah-blah!

200 years before George Floyd, an American abolitionist lady, Sarah Grimké, wrote: "I ask no favors for my sex. I surrender not our claim to equality. All I ask of our brethren is, that they will take their feet from off our necks, and permit us to stand upright …”. That was about women's suffrage.

150 years later, Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg wrote the same quote about Gender Equality.

On May 25, 2020, Minneapolis, George Floyd made the same plea to a white police officer, Derek Chauvin, who knelt on Floyd's neck for nearly nine minutes until he’d killed him. "take your feet off my neck, i can't breathe!"

And that's exactly what the racist white nations are doing to the Caribbean Islands by limiting and blacklisting their legitimate businesses: They also can't breathe!

In the wake of BLM and timely scrutiny of the ongoing racist assault against the black community, it's time to say out loud what every regulator and compliance officer already knows: the only reason why the Caribbean Islands are under constant economic attack and are being black-listed (or, alternatively, subject to extreme, absurd and unfair business restrictions), is racism.

It’s not for anti-money laundering, not for the war against terror, and not for any other fake excuse.

EU would would better fix her own “internal” corporate tax havens like The Netherlands, Ireland, Belgium, before pointing their fingers to those currently blacklisted and those who taken of the black list under ridiculous conditions that killing their ability to keep run their own legitimate businesses.

Britain, and many other “reputable” Western countries including members of the European Union such as Ireland and Cyprus, grant tax immunity, political asylum and easy citizenship to dubious oligarchs with serious criminal records, and to dictators with blood on their hands and with their pockets stuffed with money obtained by corruption. These holier-than-thou countries are eagerly and shamelessly open for business as tax havens for the world's richest companies and tycoons, the ones who make billions of dollars in profits all over the world, but pay zero taxes. They don’t bother to hide what they’re doing, but shamelessly urinating into the swimming pool from the diving board, under the averted eyes of well-bribed regulators, law-makers and tax authorities.

The biggest companies in the world are doing this constantly, processing billions of dollars every day. It is in fact pure money-laundering (you can only call it "tax planning" as long as you ignore the laws and definitions of anti-money-laundering).

But instead of collecting the legitimate taxes from the biggest companies in the world that constantly avoiding it, where do the authorities focus their attention? Same as usual, they focus on poor, little, vulnerable communities that can be easily and safely blamed, while the big gangsters carry on contentedly robbing the world, every minute of every day.

While regulators fail to do their job against the richest companies that avoiding billions of dollars in taxes every year - The very same regulators blaming the Caribbeans for helping some people to facilitate petty cash avoidance. The age-old truism is indeed true: "It's always the ones with the dirty hands who are the first to point the finger".

This wealth-and-tax-"optimization" is now common practice, and is wide-spread all over the world: EU countries make billions by attracting big money to flow in to their jurisdiction instead of the countries where this money must be taxed by the law, because they offer better and cheaper services for the global rich.

Just as in any other industry in a free marketplace, every business aims to entice customers with privileged services that are better or cheaper than the other competing players in the global marketplace.

That's exactly what's business is all about: identify a problem and provide a cost-effective solution!
And the Caribbeans did it, legally, proper, and successfully. Until racists countries attacked it, for no valid and fair reason.

The Caribbean Islands - each Island on its own and all of them together as common victims of the same dark past of the Western world - are small, vulnerable, black communities that provide legitimate corporate services and investment benefits programs, just as does any other country that offers corporate services, banking facilities, citizenship and comfortable promotions for foreign investors.

As is normal, and as with any other business, you can always find a few bad guys who will abuse the system. But then you identify and chase down the bad guys - you don’t smash the whole system!

Nobody blames or stops the municipal bus service just because it’s easy for drug dealers to take the bus to sell their stuff on the other side of the city.

Nobody blames IKEA for offering sharp, inexpensive knives that may be used for stabbing people on the streets.

Nobody blocks the roads just because too many rich people are speeding over the limit in their super-cars.

Nobody closes down the internet just because hackers and terrorists use it to facilitate crimes, frauds and terror attacks.

That's not the way things work. Unless you are a racist. And if you are this is how you proceed: then, in the fake name of "regulation" and under the hypocritical war-marketing-slogan of "fighting against crime", you allow tax-and-wealth transgressions to happen in your own countries.

Then, instead of taking responsibility for policing your own citizens, you point an accusing finger at an entire population (not your own, of course) and sanction them all with collective punishment, instead of improving your methods of supervising your own citizens.

Sad but true, your ingrained racism will always find a sound-good excuse to make sure they stay poor, small and second-class citizens in this world.

Because you are doing whatever you can to limit their ability to make a living, while they are acting in just the same way, and offering exactly the same products and services as you do.

Virtually all of the Caribbean Islands have established their own respectable businesses just as countries in the West did. Tax-free corporate services and citizenship by investment programs, services that are designed specifically for the world’s wealthy - exactly the same as European countries offer to attract their own hordes of foreign investors (Austria, Portugal, Spain, UK to name but a few).

Unlike the latitude you give to yourself, the Caribbean Islands on-board the rich as clients only after very careful, comprehensive and strict KYC and AML procedures. So, given that their business model is identical to that of Ireland, Delaware, Luxembourg and London and that the on-boarding due diligence they do before they accept a new client is much stricter than yours and must follow ridiculous requirements, why do they get blacklisted?

Why are their customers sanctioned, and not allowed to open bank accounts all over the world?

What wrong have they done, apart from being born with the skin colour that makes you instinctively feel you are entitled to patronise, control and dictate?

There is no explanation other than pure and ruthless racism. Continuing endemic racism that prevents the slave-refugees – who were left behind in neglected and isolated islands in the middle of nowhere, after being kidnapped, raped, used and abused - from making their living in the very same business that their ex-masters are operating back at home.

Take one egregious example:

Germany was never blacklisted as a country by the world’s financial regulators. It was never disconnected from the banking system nor from the Swift system, and not every foreign customer that brought German product or services has been automatically marked as a risk, despite its biggest player, Deutsche Bank, being convicted endless times for money-laundering, terror-financing, drug-dealing, child-trafficking, etc., etc., etc..

Take Switzerland too. UK too. USA too. Latvia too. Cyprus too. Luxembourg too. France too. Italy too. No other country has been ever punished and blocked from doing business as a nation, as a collective, just because dome bad guys used their good services to do wrong things. Every case of law-breaking has either been dismissed or settled by individual punishment of the specific offender, but never against the whole country and against all the customers of that country.

The world's banking and financial monopolies simply abusing the power to put a collective blame and fanatical punishment of a whole race for things that - maybe! - some individual did wrong.

However, just because you are paranoid about your own citizens’ bad behavior doesn't mean that the Caribbean Islands have to sacrifice their own legitimate and respectable business. You should police your citizens, and have no right to force the Caribbean’s to do it for you. 

"Tax Avoidance" - there is no such thing!

Don’t misunderstand: we are against tax offenders. We do believe that world taxation should be more fair. A good start would be if tax regimes would also apply to the big corporate giants that currently pay no taxes, anywhere.

However, no one in this world can or should be blamed for tax avoidance. Tax is a service fee, that citizens pay to their government for being their service providers.

No law can or should privilege anybody to place themselves above the civil obligation to pay a fair fee for the services they get; and obviously no law should be above the human right NOT to pay for services they don’t get.

Rich people have no problem paying double- or even triple-price for services that poor people will never consume, and so should never pay for anyway.

Rich people never avoid paying taxes, nor any other service fee. Those countries which fail to provide fair value for the taxes they charge can only blame the inadequacy of their services; not the customers who opted not to be served.

Rich people pay every day a vast amount of money – far too much money - for services that ordinary people will never bother to waste their money on. For manicured golf courses, first-class flights, super-cars, original paintings, luxury hotels, gourmet restaurants, fancy spas, designer clothes, etc.. And of course many of the real rich happily pay their regular "taxes" for their "owned" politicians, regulators, journalists, etc.. They never avoid paying for the luxury goods and services they get in return for their money.

If a country fails to collect the taxes that it expects from its citizens, there is only one thing that can be blamed: the service simply wasn't worth the money the country charged for it. That’s as simple as it sounds. Just like trying to bill a table of customers in a restaurant who got insufficient food, or no food at all. It’s not that they are avoiding payments, it’s that they should not be paying at all.

In order to collect more taxes, you must either upgrade the services commensurate with the level of taxes you want to get in exchange for those services, or downgrade the tax rate to the level of services that you are able to provide. That's all there is to it. There is no magic, no shortcut and no work-around.

This is a basic law of nature, and it is above any law created by the modern monkeys who think they can go against mother nature.

The opposing theory - that people should pay taxes for services they don’t get - is a blatant fallacy that should be consigned to the dark chapters of history. (As often are those stupid, greedy governments when they push this kind of state-sponsored theft too far.)

Blaming people who don’t pay for services they didn't get or which was far-far-overpriced is a joke, not a criminal offense. If your law-books say otherwise, then it’s your books that are at fault, not the people who are simply, naturally doing what they have full right to do: not to pay for services they did not get; and not to pay over-priced fees for poor service that they did get.

This is my conclusion about taxes. The only reason citizens do not pay their taxes is that people do not like to feel ripped off. They happily pay VAT for every useless new diamond they buy. No problem. A few percentage points more or less is never a barrier to satisfy a rich person’s wish.

If you want full taxes give your people the service quality that worth it.

But this is a purely personal point of view, nothing to do with the Caribbean.

So, please do not get confused. This call-for-action to take the racist Western knee off the economic Caribbean neck, is not a crusade about my unconventional, personal standpoint on taxation. I am conscious that decent, smart, ordinary people are so well-educated (by government-design) that they will find difficulty with my natural way of thinking (not by government-design) that taxes should be paid in exchange for fair-value services that the country delivers. I know this must sound strange, especially to people who are intending to get as much as possible, while giving back as little as inevitable.

To the main issue of the main topic:

Tax fraud is a clear, unambiguous criminal offense, and I fully agree that we all need to join forces to fight against it. But, there is nothing about it for which you can blame the Caribbean Islands or any other off-shore zero-tax jurisdiction.

The world is a free market. If a restaurant chooses to offer free drinks or free air condition or free live music to anyone buying its food, then no other restaurant can view such a marketing attractions as unfair or illegal.

Just the same as any other tax heaven (including Delaware, London, Luxembourg and Ireland), the Caribbean Islands attract good, honest people, who work hard or smart or both to make a lot of money.

The Islands succeed in attracting this talent because their communities, or their environments, or their services are in better condition than yours. Just the same way as Silicon Valley attracts programmers; the same way intelligence agencies recruit NGO's, journalists, politicians and academics to promote their propaganda; the same way BMW attracts Benz customers; the same way Toyota Alphard has won the hearts of the top 1000 billionaires, beating out all the fancy luxury brands; and the same way Apple attracted Nokia customers out of the blue.

They win out by offering better quality and better value for money, not by limiting their range of products and services to leave their competitor's market share intact.

That's the way free and fair markets operate.

You don't like your competitors attracting your customers? Then you are perfectly welcome to design new and even more attractive tactics of your own, the same way the USA is successfully attracting manufacturers to shift production back home by attracting them with huge tax benefits and subsidies.

However, you are not definitely not welcome to the USA’s mafia tactics to burn your competitors’ business.

It is pure, ruthless racism to use the power-of-empire, that was cynically acquired through the blood, sweat and tears of the slavery victims such as the Caribbean islanders, to enslave them once again by preventing them from conducting the same respectable business as the white people do. Actually, when you limit by law or regulation their ability to serve customers that you want to serve, it's just another form of crime against human rights.

The citizens in your own country are yours; the citizens in the Caribbean are not your slaves anymore.
If you agree to these 2 statements, you should understand that no Caribbean slave-refugee should be forced nowadays to police your citizens for you. Not in any respect, and especially not for free!

Creating an international alliance that relieves you of the obligation to convince your citizens to pay their full taxes, is neither a fair nor a sustainable solution. Nor is it acceptable that you end up enforcing the Caribbean Islands to commit economic suicide just to satisfy your needs.

Your imperialist point of view that your tax collections matter more than their lives and livelihoods is pure racism: nothing other than modern slavery.

No black Caribbean man or woman should be strangled by the white-man’s sanctions, shackled by his blacklists, and strait-jacketed by oppressive business limitations. That they refuse to police your citizens for free in the way that you want your citizens to be policed, is not a justification for your racist retaliation. (By the way, why is the naughty list "black", when 99.9% of financial criminals are white?)


Terror it's not a business. I mean it's not a business on our enemies side. Studies shows very clear that it's mostly a wrong way to express frustration, revenge and stand up for human rights. At list from their point of view.

It's a well know all over the world from a practice of so many years among so many countries, that the only effective way to fight terrorism is not to create enemies in the first place.

Take a look back at all the terror attacks in history, and check out which were actions and which were reactions.
Check if Financing was the motivation.

There must of course be zero tolerance of any form of terror, and no equivocation about everybody's obligation to fight against it.
But you fool nobody but yourself pretending to believe in your own propaganda, claiming that "everything started when they hit back".

Anyway, i don't think that financing is the motivation driving those desperate terrorists who are willing to commit suicide for their beliefs.

Financing is a facilitating tool; just like a bus service transports drug dealers, and a main-street stores supply knives to street-thugs. Stopping financing won’t stop terrorism (it may slow it down, but make it harder to trace, and more sophisticated).


Yes, sure: drugs are a major problem for mankind. Alcohol, Ritalin, Nicotine are in fact similar in the harm they do to the illegal Class A drugs that comprise the trillion-dollar drug-trafficking industry. The fact that alcohol is regarded as a legal drug doesn’t mean that it's not a major reason for car accidents, violence against woman, depression, poverty and deprivation. It is time to recognise that the colonial term "legal" has nothing to do with the words "moral" or "justice". Not everything that is legal - such as alcohol - is right, and not everything that is illegal - such as medical marijuana- is wrong. In too many cases throughout history we can find egregious examples where "the legal was illegal" (eg, the Nuremberg Trials).

But as taking drugs is unfortunately more popular in every culture than any other bad habit, the only way to make the drug-dealers poor and to mitigate the horrific effects of drugs on susceptible individuals and society as a whole, is to legalize it all. Not to commercialise it as the legalisation of alcohol mistakenly did, but to legalise it in order to contain it.

Cut out the traffickers. Make the drug industry a source of government revenue not a money-machine for mafia and law-enforcement gangsters. Then provide free rehabilitation for treating addiction as well as addressing the personal and social circumstances that push people to abuse alcohol, ritalin, nicotine and all those below-the-counter drugs.

Sending miserable drug addicts to jail instead of to hospitals is the act of a psychopathic man not a just man. There is nothing honourable in whoever participates in such a perverse punishment system.

You may agree or disagree with my somewhat unconventional way of thinking about tax avoidance and the best ways to fight against terrorism and drug-trafficking. Fine: whichever way you think on each is a legitimate standpoint, and fully acceptable.

But what is not acceptable that you continue to enslave the Caribbean Islanders by forcing them to become your free police force serving you for free against your own citizens.

You are not allowed to prevent the Caribbean Islands from offering your citizens the same services as you offer to the citizens of other countries. They should not be forced to attract customers in exactly the same way that you want them to do. That's not how the free market works. They should be absolutely unrestrained, independent and creative to attract customers in their own way.

Black lives obviously matter and it's a pity that people need to protest to make you understand that, for a change.

But neither should the right of black people to build their own lives, industries and legacies be limited by barriers imposed by white regulators with their knees poking into black territories.

“Man was born free, and he is everywhere in chains. Those who think themselves the masters of others are indeed greater slaves than they.” (Jean-Jacques Rousseau).

The time has come for black business emancipation.

EU: To remove all restrictions and ridiculous compliance requirements from all Caribbean Islanders and their customers, so they can legitimately participate in the free world of financial services and in any type of legal investment.

USA: To remove the credit-history system as an obstacle in raising loans to start a business.
Remember: most of the black community do not have fantastic credit histories might somehow be connected to you not paying their salaries for a couple of centuries...

UK: Just get your knees of their necks. Let them breathe. Send your wonderful Governors back home to help Britain be great again, and let the common wealth territories to govern themselves and develop a real common wealth for a change. There is no room for supreme white-masters in 2020.

The rebound from corona-virus and the boost from Brexit can be amazing opportunities to make Britain great again … if you just mind your own business instead of wasting your taxpayers' money on dubious and corrupt adventures out there.

The Commonwealth has never really encouraged the wealth to be held in common; sharing it out more fairly is long overdue, since the time that Britain dodge to pay back the 4 billion dollars that they owe to the slaves-descendant.

it's 2020. Just emancipate the slaves descendants and stop blocking them attracting people that you fail to attract.

Live and let live.


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