Wednesday, May 05, 2021

BioNTech estima que fabricará 2 mil millones de dosis de su vacuna en 2021

BioNTech estimates that it will manufacture 2 billion doses of its vaccine in 2021

The German biotechnology company BioNTech estimated on Monday to be in a position to produce "2 billion doses" of the vaccine against Covid-19 until the end of 2021, much more than the previous estimate of 1.3 billion doses.
BioNTech, associated with the US giant Pfizer, arrived at this new estimate based on the “new standard” that allows administering 6 doses per bottle instead of 5, according to a document published on its website.

BioNTech also has the "expansion of its current facilities", including the start-up of another European manufacturing plant in Marburg (Germany) expected in February.

This new plant, classified by the company as a "major inflection point", will allow adding "up to 750 million doses" to the annual production capacity.

The number of doses available is one of the main challenges of a vaccination strategy against Covid-19 worldwide.

The Marburg facility, the second in Germany , could provide an additional 250 million doses in the first half of the year, reinforcing production at the Belgian Puurs plant where batches destined for the European Union are manufactured.

The German-American alliance also has three production plants in the United States.

This Monday's announcement comes after the European Commission affirmed on Wednesday a new agreement with Pfizer-BioNTech to have 200 million more doses of its anti-covid vaccine, with an option of 100 million more doses.

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