Thursday, Apr 22, 2021

Best glass baubles - how to do a refined Christmas in style

Best glass baubles - how to do a refined Christmas in style

Our edit of the best glass baubles bring a gentle sophistication to your tree

The best glass baubles are often the prettiest on the tree - they catch the light in such an evocative way, and can become family heirlooms.

From collector’s pieces to the high street, there are a wealth of glass baubles to choose from for your Christmas decorations. They can be plain glass, cut into all sorts of designs, they can be etched with stripes and stars, and can be the base of all sorts of colours and shapes, it’s such a versatile material. And of course, they are sustainable, there are even baubles made from recycled glass. We’ve picked some that are trending this season.


This pretty purple bauble goes well with gold, catching the candlelight perfectly.

Glass bauble, £4.50,


With its elegant teardrop shape, this bauble hangs perfectly, shimmering among the firs.

Glass bauble, £5.99, Dobbies


This set of six glass baubles complement each other perfectly, ranging from clear to frosted but with a beautifully textured snowflake design.

Set of six glass baubles, £25, Cox and Cox


Smoky in colour, this sophisticated pair of baubles add a grown up touch to the tree.

Pair of baubles, £10,


The classic onion shape appears in this beguiling soft pink hue, a romantic way to do Christmas.

Onion bauble, £4.50,


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