Sunday, Feb 28, 2021

Beaches will be closed on weekends in Colón to avoid crowds

The authorities of the province of Colón decided this Monday to close its beaches on weekends to avoid crowds and the risks of spreading COVID-19 infections.
This, due to the lack of control and complaints from residents about people from Panama City who traveled to the beaches of the Atlantic Coast this Saturday and Sunday.

From Monday to Friday, the people who live in Colón will be able to access the beaches.

The governor of Colón, Irasema de Dale stated that "there is a biosecurity regulation and it is not being complied with, for that reason we are meeting today and we have decided among all the authorities to suspend the use of beaches on Saturday and Sunday."

Prior to the meeting of authorities, de Dale said that there are already 338 deaths from COVID-19 in the Colón province.

On January 15, the National Civil Protection System raised a red flag that prohibits bathing in beaches and rivers in the provinces of Herrera, Panama and West Panama.

For the province of Herrera the prohibition is until February 1, while for Panama and West Panama the measure will be in force until March 15.

The Government of Colón will issue a resolution on the use of beaches in that region of the country.

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