Saturday, Apr 17, 2021

Los bancos harán adecuaciones a sus horarios de atención

Banks adapt their schedules to service women and men as per the ID number

Given the new restriction measures established by the National Government, the Banking Association of Panama issued this Wednesday a statement in which it informs that banks are making adjustments in their schedules in order to provide attention to customers according to their gender and latest number of the personal identity card.
It clarifies that the adjustments of the schedules of each bank may vary, so it calls on users to consult directly with their banks through its website, on social networks and call centers, where they can obtain detailed information and updated on the hours of each bank and branch.

The banks will make the necessary changes in order to be able to serve men and women according to their identification number, but the specific hours may vary according to each branch, the statement emphasizes.

On the other hand, the statement appealed to customers to use online banking, ATMs and call centers of their bank, to carry out their transactions and banking inquiries.

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