Sunday, Mar 07, 2021

Se están registrando estafas a través de las redes sociales

Authorities warn about new forms of scam such as "the traveler"

The deputy commissioner of the Directorate of Judicial Investigation (DIJ) Jaime Braddick, warned this Thursday about new forms of scams that are being used by criminals in the midst of the pandemic.
Among these crimes, he mentioned on RPC Radio, the modality called "the traveler", which consists of making calls to people making them believe that a relative is traveling in a certain country, where he supposedly left a certain amount of luggage and they are sending to your address and that in order to receive it you have to pay a certain amount of money.

He added that another method consists of impersonating people on social networks to borrow money from the contacts of the true owners of the accounts and as well as the use of so-called "briefcase" companies that supposedly offer products through social networks. and request advances or the total cancellation of the product.

Faced with these crimes, Braddick calls on people to be careful when making purchases online, to always verify the information, if they have a physical location.

Sometimes they are briefcase companies or fictitious companies that obviously create them with the intention of being able to deceive, convince, sell a service that does not exist, then citizens must be a little more cautious that the money they cost to earn is not lost overnight for a bad decision or a hasty decision-making, if you want a product take your time, he indicated.

It also urges them not to put information about their businesses, events, bank details, among others, on their social networks; and if they are victims of an internet scam, ask them to file a complaint.

The scams with practically deception of unscrupulous subjects who want a goal that is money and are looking for information from citizens on social networks and we are making it easy for them by publishing events, publishing information, making known our business relationships, our banking relationships, with people who suddenly do not know and these people in turn use this information against the citizen himself, he stressed.

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