Sunday, Oct 25, 2020

Verifican el cumplimiento de las normativas por la COVID-19 y las medidas de bioseguridad

Authorities verify compliance with biosecurity standards in brothels

Authorities of the Metropolitan Health Region continue to verify compliance with regulations and biosafety measures in establishments of health interest, such as the brothels, which reopened since October 12.
The programming implies the verification of the biosecurity measures that each of these establishments must carry, we are based on the execution of the protocol that each local must do, based on the guidelines for taking body temperature, evaluation of distance, evaluation of control or mitigation measures for cleaning and disinfection of these areas, explained Dr. Leonardo Labrador, head of Public Health.

Likewise, the head of Environmental Sanitation, Verísimo Martínez, announced that during the verification visit they managed to detect that they are not complete with all the guidelines, against which they gave some recommendations to comply with the guidelines and comply fully.

He indicated that the recommendations by the inspectors were directed both to the personnel working on the site, as well as to the clients, adding that the establishments will be verified again in a certain period of time.

The Metropolitan Health Region has its health responsibility, and will not lower its guard, so general population is asked to reinforce biosecurity measures, comply with physical distancing and use of the mask, says the Ministry of Health (Minsa) in a statement.

For his part, José Rodríguez, manager of one of the sites visited, stated: we know that these are difficult days and they are slow days, we have followed all the recommendations of the Minsa to assure clients that they are arriving at a clean, healthy and COVID-free, we are implementing what is the temperature measurement at the entrance, the foot baths, we have the alcoholic gel in several places so that people always put it on and obviously the mask is mandatory from the moment you enter until you get to the room.

It is worth mentioning that this verification is carried out in accordance with the provisions of Executive Decree No. 405 of May 11, 2020, which adopts the guidelines for the return to the new normal of post- COVID-19 companies in the country.

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