Wednesday, Mar 03, 2021

Continúan analizando la posibilidad de ampliar el horario de movilidad de las personas

Authorities continue to evaluate the possibility of extending citizen mobility hours

The authorities continue to carry out the evaluation on the possibility of extending the mobility hours of citizens, which will depend on the behavior they have before the reopening of new economic activities.
We are all sitting at an economic table with the Health authorities, however, it will depend on the public's behavior, we do not want to repeat what unfortunately happened when Block 2 was opened, we stopped managing safe-conducts, everyone left home and we had a higher level of contagion from COVID-19, explained the Vice Minister of Internal Trade, Omar Montilla.

He indicated that they want to prevent this situation from repeating itself, and the objective is to achieve the normality of activities, so that Panama becomes an example for other countries.

What we want is that we, through these activities, generate confidence, that things are done well and that we be a reference not only for the region but for the world, that in Panama the economic reactivation could take place with complete normality, he expressed.

It has not yet been defined how much the mobility schedule would be extended, some speak of 12 hours, others speak of 4 hours, we are going to see what the behavior of the population will be on the subject of controlled purchases that we are doing in this moment, Montilla pointed out.

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