Thursday, Mar 04, 2021

Las autoridades también realizaron el rescate de más de 300 personas varadas entre Río Sereno y Volcán

Authorities confirm the death of 5 people in Chiriquí after floods

The Meritorious Fire Department of Panama and the director of the National Civil Protection System (Sinaproc), Carlos Rumbo confirmed this morning the discovery of five dead bodies, of the seven people reported as missing, after being involved in floods and landslides in Chiriquí.
The bodies were found in the Tierras Altas sector, where a river overflowing allegedly affected two families. Among the bodies found there are three minors and two adults.

Currently we have five deaths, two missing, it is official information still in development, hopefully there are no more, but it may occur as a result of the vulnerable situation, flood areas, among other conditions that we have in the geography of the province and beyond, said the governor of Chiriquí, Juan Carlos Muñoz.

It should be noted that earlier and according to the Sinaproc report, three people had been reported missing due to the flooding of a tributary in Cañas Gordas, Renacimiento, and 5 more people had disappeared due to landslides.

Rumbo said that this morning a helicopter with personnel from the National Aeronaval Service (Senan) and Sinaproc were able to enter the Highlands to carry out rescues.

The evacuation of 753 people who were kept isolated on the roads to a safe place was carried out; In the Bambito sector, 53 more people who were stranded in that sector were evacuated.

The authorities asked people who had vehicles and were in sectors vulnerable to landslides or floods to leave these areas to safeguard their lives.

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