Thursday, May 13, 2021

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Attempted robbery of an armored truck in Colón leaves a security guard injured

An attempted robbery of an armored truck occurred this Wednesday, in the sector of Calle 8 and 9 Avenida Central in the province of Colón.
Unofficial reports indicate that one of the security guards guarding the armored truck on the premises of an ATM was injured with a firearm, after refusing to hand over the bags of money.

Two criminals, one of them dressed in security, went to the scene and asked the custodians of the truck for the bags of money, however they were unable to carry out the robbery.

While the wounded man was transferred to the Dr. Juan Antonio Núñez Colón Health Center to receive medical attention. Later, Dr. Manuel Amador Guerrero was admitted to the hospital.

The National Police maintains operations in the surrounding areas to find suspects.

Likewise, the Colón and Guna Yala Regional Prosecutor's Office is conducting proceedings on Calle 9 and Central, within the investigations initiated by the attempted robbery to the detriment of the armored truck and the injured security agent.

Oh ya 104 days ago
And what did the guy that always has the shotgun do, or does the company not trust him with shells. Maybe he is just for show


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