Monday, Mar 01, 2021

ATP suggests that mandatory quarantine would not apply to tourists

ATP suggests that mandatory quarantine would not apply to tourists

The Tourism Authority of Panama (ATP) will propose to the health authorities that once the ban on commercial flights is lifted, the country continue to require the PCR test to travelers who want to enter the country, but with the difference of eliminating the Mandatory 14-day quarantine that Panamanians and resident foreigners who enter through the Tocumen International Airport must currently comply with using the "mini hub" of controlled operations.

The Association of Airlines in Panama (ALAP) has recommended to the Government to implement technological traceability systems to know the contacts of people entering the country and not require the PCR test or mandatory quarantine, since these requirements could further affect the recovery of passenger demand to Panama.

The National Tourism Council (CNT) authorized the ATP administrator, Iván Eskildsen, to propose to the Government a plan for the gradual opening of the tourism sector that has been closed since last March as a result of the coronavirus (Covid-19).

The main objective of the gradual opening plan at the request of the CNT must have specific dates, now that the Government put aside the reactivation plan made up of 6 blocks and is inclined to release commercial activities as happened last week when the opening of beauty salons, car sales agencies, among others was authorized.

Jorge García Icaza, president of the CNT, commented that to reactivate tourism it is urgent to set a date for the total reopening of airports as soon as possible, since airlines need accurate information to organize their commercial routes.

On Friday the Civil Aviation Authority again extended the suspension on commercial flights, setting the opening date of Tocumen for September 23. The airlines and the tourism sector continue to wait for the Ministry of Health to approve the protocols that the air terminals in Panama must comply with to avoid contagion of coronavirus.

At the moment, passengers who are using the “mini connection hub” must wear masks at all times when arriving at the airport and inside the aircraft, in addition to completing the registration process online.

In addition to the gradual opening plan, the CNT asked Eskildsen to promote the financial support necessary for the survival and reactivation of companies in the sector through bank financing through support programs with guarantees, such as the one proposed by the Inter-American Development Bank.


James Pierson 189 days ago
Proof that Common Sense is NOT common...... Quarantine should apply, or not apply, to tourists and returning residents equally based on the PCR test. There is no logic that can substantiate penalizing residents by quarantining them when they enter Panama with PCR proof that they do not have Covid 19. Penalizing Covid Free returning residents is utterly senseless.


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