Saturday, Apr 17, 2021

Los turistas internacionales deben presentar en los puestos de control y cercos sanitarios la constancia de los documentos de viaje y reserva de alojamiento

ATP: International tourists can circulate during curfew to travel to their accommodation

The Tourism Authority of Panama (ATP) reported this Wednesday through a statement that international tourists will be able to circulate during the curfew and cross the sanitary fences, solely and exclusively to travel to their accommodation sites.
Explain that when moving to their reserved accommodation sites, they must present to the police authorities at the checkpoints and sanitary fences the proof of travel documents and accommodation reservation.

The ATP details that in the same way, collaborators of hotels and other accommodation sites that are currently operating, as well as travel agents, guides and tourism operators that receive or transfer international tourists to their destinations, can circulate during the call of stay and cross the sanitary fences, for which they must present the authorization form of the company for which they work, in addition to the flight information, origin and arrival time of the tourists they transport.

Both tourists and service providers in the tourism sector must comply with the biosecurity measures established in the national territory and once in their accommodation sites they must adhere to the regulations decreed by the central government, so they must the sites where they are housed while the quarantine lasts, emphasizes the ATP.

This information is released by the ATP, in light of the provisions established by the Ministry of Health in the matter of biosafety to safeguard the collective well-being and reduce the transmission rates of COVID-19.

Expat inWaiting 112 days ago
Here’s what makes sense...the government that governs least governs best! Too many rules, too many restrictions.And for what? A contrived virus that is not much worst than the flu. Let freedom ring!
Deb Hoffman 114 days ago
At least they have to have negative covid tests to get in.
Panama Carol 114 days ago
Why bother with rules, fences, lockdowns etc. If you let TOURISTS travel (with their possible COVID19 bug) then why do we have regulations for the residents and citizens of Panama. Explanation would be good. Does not make sense to me.


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