Monday, Mar 08, 2021

At least 13 injured after a traffic accident in Antón

A traffic accident occurred on Friday night which involved a small bus in the Pueblo Nuevo sector of the Antón district, Coclé province, leaving 13 people injured as a result.
The Meritorious Fire Department of Panama reported that personnel from the Antón station traveled to the scene of the accident, where they proceeded to provide care to the polytraumatized injured.

Coordination is carried out with the Ministry of Health (Misna) and the Social Security Fund (CSS) for support with more ambulances.

Oh ya 121 days ago
Something that I have noticed since I moved here is that the locals all know how to drive fast but have no idea what to do if a problem arises. Every night I pray for 2 days of freezing rain to get the idiots off the road


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