Tuesday, Aug 16, 2022

Armed robbery investigated in the cargo terminal of the Tocumen Airport

Armed robbery investigated in the cargo terminal of the Tocumen Airport

The incident occurred at dawn on Wednesday, October 6, at the airport's cargo terminal.
In the early hours of this Wednesday, October 6, at approximately 2:00 am, a criminal act was registered in the cargo terminal of the Tocumen International Airport, apparently some people posed as airport workers to steal cash. As indicated by the Public Ministry, the primary care section of the Metropolitan Prosecutor's Office initiated an investigation for the crime of robbery.

"We are aware that it was an armed robbery where several subjects broke into the security area of ​​the DHL company and stole merchandise that was there, possibly it is dealing with cash ...", said the prosecutor Julio Villarreal. He also added that the exact amount is not available, but that is being worked on.

In the morning, a "pick-up" vehicle with similar characteristics and labeled as those used in the airport cargo area was found, it was abandoned in the district of December 24. The criminals managed to establish an access route that also served them to escape through an area that adjoins the terminal, from these traces they were followed and the car was found, units of the National Police cordoned off the area so that the Ministry Public continue investigation.

For its part, the administration of Tocumen SA continues to collaborate with the authorities and clarified that what happened is not related to the passenger terminal, which continues with its operations on a regular basis, without any type of interruption.

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