Wednesday, Oct 05, 2022

Argentina debt: Does IMF offer a path to financial stability?

Argentina reached an initial agreement with the IMF to refinance more than $40bn in debt.
Argentina is Latin America’s third-largest economy, but during the past 70 years, it has endured one financial crisis after another.

One of the main problems is it has borrowed too much money to cover its own public spending. That has included loans from the International Monetary Fund, which most of the time it has not been able to pay back. But again, it is now looking to tango with the IMF to avoid defaulting on its debt.

Elsewhere, we look at the financial institutions accused of fuelling the climate crisis.

Oh ya 216 days ago
Dealing with the IMF is like dealing with Louis the loan shark. They will lend you money until they get you so far in debt there is no way of repaying them and then they come in and start seizing the countries assets


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