Wednesday, Oct 05, 2022

Arbyd proposes that only vaccinated people be allowed into bars and restaurants

Arbyd proposes that only vaccinated people be allowed into bars and restaurants

Representatives of Arbyd presented this proposal to the Ministry of Health of Panama.

The Association of Restaurants, Bars and Clubs ( Arbyd ) presented to the Ministry of Health of Panama (Minsa) a proposal so that only people vaccinated against COVID-19 are allowed to enter these places.

This was announced by Carlos Araúz, Arbyd's advisor, in the Radiografía program, broadcast by RPC Radio and Eco TV.

“Last week, the Association of Restaurants, Bars and Clubs formally presented that to enter the different businesses that belong to the Arbyd, that belong to certain associations and unions, you will have to be vaccinated, that was presented to the Ministry of Health from here in Panama and I understand that it is being evaluated,” expressed Araúz.

This measure will be implemented in France, where as of July 21, a vaccination certificate will be required to enter entertainment venues such as bars, restaurants and cinemas. According to the French president, the objective is to recognize the civility of those vaccinated.

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The Arbyd representative understands that the decision to get vaccinated is personal, but emphasizes that in a scenario such as the COVID-19 pandemic, collective behavior is important over individual behavior.

"If people choose not to be vaccinated, they have the right to do so, but likewise they will have to face other types of consequences, for example access to restaurants, access to bars," said Carlos Araúz.

He believes that if Arbyd's proposal is approved "it would be a step in the right, legitimate and firm direction, that we finally do what is necessary to get out of this tough moment as quickly as possible."

According to the Vaccumometer, 1,876,605 doses of vaccines against COVID-19 have been applied in Panama, from the pharmaceutical companies Pfizer and AstraZeneca.


mike 441 days ago
So - they only deal with sick people?
C.C. 441 days ago
Oh ya, I agree with you but, your death stats on flu versus jab is wrong, false and misleading.
Oh ya 441 days ago
People. Have you noticed the words collective good as of late? You know everything in a commie country is sold as the collective good.. I should not have to take a biological experiment agent for the collective good of anyone. Because of their lifestyle they are at risk. If they were not fat with high blood pressure they would be worry free about this flu like I am. So if restaurants can afford to lose more customers letthem sign up for this. There will be places that don't get woke get broke and we will be there supporting them. And did you see from the US Government website VAERS for the last 2 weeks more people have died from the jab than the flu. Best of luck to you if you took this death shot


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