Tuesday, May 11, 2021

April 26 the vaccination against COVID-19 begins in circuits 8-2 and 8-3

April 26 the vaccination against COVID-19 begins in circuits 8-2 and 8-3

The Minsa reported that the vaccination session against COVID-19 in circuits 8-2 and 8-3 will take place from April 26 to 29.
Starting this Monday, April 26, the Ministry of Health of Panama (Minsa) will begin the vaccination process against COVID-19 in several circuits of the West Panama region.

The regional director of the Minsa, Kevin Cedeño, explained that the vaccination day will be divided into two phases, and within the first, circuits 8-2 and -8-3 are included, which cover the districts of San Carlos, Capira and Chame.

On the other hand, the second phase includes circuit 8-5, which includes the La Chorrera district, where the Panavac operation will run from April 29 to May 2.

"They begin on the 26th and end on May 2 throughout Panama Oeste, it is divided into two days, the first day includes circuits 8-2 and 8-3, that is, Capira, Chame and San Carlos, starting on the 26th and ending on the 29th, and then starting with the 8-5 or La Chorrera circuit, on the 29th and ending on the 2nd, ”explained Cedeño on RPC Radio.

Cedeño added that the vaccination session will be focused on people with the highest risk, over 60 years of age, pregnant women who have their medical certification, in addition to the teachers who work in these circuits.

It is expected that in the West Panama region more than a thousand people will be vaccinated, including older adults, pregnant women and educators.

It is worth mentioning that previously it was reported that in the areas of difficult access in circuits 8-2 and 8-3, the sweep strategy will be applied, that is, people from the age of 16 will be vaccinated.

In addition, Carlos Ahumada, vaccination coordinator in West Panama, indicated that in circuits 8-2 and 8-3 some 20 schools will be enabled for vaccination against COVID-19, while in circuit 8-5 some will be enabled. 30 schools.

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