Tuesday, Jan 26, 2021

Las pérdidas tras estas nuevas medidas más comunicadas le costarán al sector unos B/.3 millones

Apatel: New restrictions cause hotel closures in Panama until mid-January

Armando Rodríguez, president of the Panama Association of Hotels ( Apatel ), said that after the new restrictive measures announced by the National Government for end of the year, will produce a number of cancellations and therefore the closure of hotels, which now are planning to open again open in the middle January or until February.
We found out yesterday (Monday) that it turns out that hotels will be able to be open when we thought they were going to close us all, so the avalanche of cancellations was tremendous, there are hotels that are no longer going to open some until mid-January and others until February. So we are talking about jobs that are going to stop working as a result of the fact that there will not be people to attend, because a hotel that does not have people cannot be working, explained Rodríguez.

According to Rodríguez, the clarifications made by international travelers will be able to cross the sanitary fences, and nationals could be, with their family bubbles, confined on the dates of Christmas or New Year in beach hotels or inland.

Rodríguez clarified that those days you can be in hotels, but without drinking alcohol or doing or participating in parties.

These cancellations, as a result of poor communication between the Government and the hotel sector, has already caused the sector a loss of $3 million and the suspension of work for more than 500 employees.

Rodríguez concluded by noting that in Panama in the reopening, only 40 of more than 962 lodgings existing in the country or registered by Apatel reopened their doors.

Oh ya 33 days ago
Just stop the wages of all goverment employees that have the power to make up these rules and watch how fast COVID-19 disappears


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