Saturday, Sep 25, 2021

Another building demolished in Colón

Another building demolished in Colón

This Thursday "the remains of old structures of building 11071" were demolished on 12th Street, Melendez Avenue in Colón.
Colón Mayor's Office crews continued on Thursday the demolition work they are carrying out on buildings that are a "danger" in the Old Town of the Atlantic Coast.

The deputy Jairo Salazar and the mayor of Colón, Alex Lee with a work team proceeded to demolish the remains of old structures of the building 11071, on Calle 12, Avenida Melendez.

On August 3, the authorities of the province of Colón announced that they will continue with the demolition process of the buildings that put the lives of the Colón people at risk.

It should be noted that the mayor of Colón and deputy Salazar made the decision in recent weeks to demolish mansion 3023 located on Calle 3 Avenida Bolívar, considered historical heritage because it is within the Old Quarter of the City of Colón.

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