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Analyst: By 2022, 400,000 people are expected to be unemployed in Panama

Analyst: By 2022, 400,000 people are expected to be unemployed in Panama

The consultant René Quevedo assures that the Government must eliminate the restrictions to speed up the economic reactivation in the country.
The consultant René Quevedo assured in Open Debate that the situation for formal employment is not forecast at all well and added that the authorities must eliminate the restrictions in their entirety to speed up the economic reactivation in Panama.

"Mobility restrictions must be eliminated, while there is a quarantine unemployment will continue to increase, the narrative of terror must be dosed, and liquidity injected into the economy," Quevedo assured.

The consultant pointed out that it is estimated that by 2022 some 400 thousand people will be unemployed, which will worsen the economic crisis in the country.

Quevedo considers that the worst pandemic is yet to come and this will occur at an economic level, he also pointed out that there are already half a million victims of the financial damage caused by COVID-19.

The advisor also indicated that the elimination of restrictions will help the tourism sector and stressed that everything that is done for tourism will be worth trying, however, he said that this section of the economy has high levels of informality in terms of employment, and advised that investments should be encouraged to bring formal work.

Along the same lines, he is supported by the president of the Chamber of Tourism (Camtur), Ernesto Orillac, who indicated that: "quarantines are a brake on reactivations, when potential tourists arrive, they must reserve their second dose, and the idea is that with the first dose they can stay one or two nights, the same in the second dose."

Despite this negative outlook, Quevedo stressed that this year the economy in Panama will grow due to copper exports and the recovery of the international market, but stressed that the domestic sector will remain conditional on the measures.

Oh ya 397 days ago
Finally someone starting to talk some sense. The high risk folks can stay home locked up if that is what THEY want to do and the rest of the people can get on with life. The government should be pushing for a healthy lifestyle with nutrition and vitamins and not the clot shot they keep calling a vaccine which by legal definition is not. It is experimental gene therapy and you are the lab rat.


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