Tuesday, Mar 02, 2021

Las estafas se constituyeron en uno de los principales delitos durante el 2020, precedidos por los hurtos y robos.

Alert: scams have become another pandemic amid Covid-19

Scams became one of the main crimes during 2020, preceded by thefts and robberies.

According to the Public Ministry, when making a comparison between the crimes committed in 2019 and 2020, it is observed that only two crimes reflected an increase: scams through online means and crimes that affect the legal security of electronic media.

In this sense, the authorities explained that those who commit the crimes fraudulently seize the data of WhatsApp users and after this seizure other crimes of fraud are committed.

The authorities have identified some of the modes of operation of the scammers. For example, there have been cases where scammers contact to look for stores or suppliers of different types of articles, including hygiene and hygiene for the prevention of Covid-19. They place the order and make the supposed payment that is reflected in the seller's bank account or by check, but later the seller realizes that the money does not exist, but the merchandise has already been delivered to the scammer.

Affected companies

In recent months, the Xtra Supermarket chain has been the victim of unscrupulous people who have used its name and that of its legal representatives to commit scams.

Given this situation, Xtra Supermarket has reiterated the alert to the community in general, that unscrupulous people are misusing the name of the company and some of its legal representatives to, with forged documents, manage purchases of supplies, goods and services in order to scam local businesses.

Likewise, Xtra Supermarkets has communicated that their legal representatives do not make purchase requests or personal procedures via chat, call or mail. This procedure is carried out formally through the Procurement and Administration departments.

The company has stated that it is taking legal action and presenting the pertinent complaint so that the authorities can investigate and determine responsibility for this fraudulent use of the brand with false information.

Xtra Supermarkets asks citizens to be alert to this type of action and urges them to file a complaint with the competent authorities.

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