Wednesday, Dec 07, 2022

Airline's 'mystery flights' for £57 where you don't know the destination

Airline's 'mystery flights' for £57 where you don't know the destination

IF you can't decide where to go on holiday, an airline has taken the choice out of your hands with mystery flights.

Lufthansa has relaunched their Lufthansa Surprise flights, which start from just £57 and go to a number of destinations around Europe.

You can pay £57 to book a mystery holiday to Europe

They explain on the website: "Be surprised by Lufthansa Surprise!

"Select your departure airport, one of nine interesting travel topics and your preferred travel dates - and then find out your destination immediately after booking. Look forward to an attractive destination in Europe."

With a range of themed destinations, the cheapest is the Worth Seeing destinations for €69 (£57) to a mystery destination, which include Dublin, Pamplona, Krakow, Riga, Warsaw and Tallin.

Other themes include Arts and Sights, Great Outdoors, Party On and For Lovers.

The most expensive is €99 (£83) which includes destinations such as Amsterdam, Paris, Rome, Venice and Budapest.

You have to book from their Frankfurt and Munich hubs right now, but all of the flights are non-stop routes, with hand luggage included.

You can book between one and 42 days before departure, with the destination revealed after booking so you can plan your trip and hotels before arrival.

The website reveals how much passengers have saved through the mystery flights, with the average saving per person £353 yesterday.

Lufthansa isn't the only ones to offer mystery holiday deals.

Wowcher is known for their £99 Mystery Holidays, which can range from weekend breaks in Spain and Disneyland Paris trips to seven nights in Dubai.

This is what it is like to book an unknown holiday break with Mystery Breaks.


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