Wednesday, May 12, 2021

AIG application will allow businesses to verify if their customers are COVID-free

AIG application will allow businesses to verify if their customers are COVID-free

With the application and the ID, the owners of commercial premises will be able to verify if the client is free of COVID-19.
The administrator of the Government Innovation Authority of Panama ( AIG ), Luis Oliva revealed to Radiography that they have created an application that will allow the owners of restaurants, supermarkets and businesses in general to verify through this and with the client's ID if it is COVID-19 free.

Under the name of Vacucheck Oliva, he detailed this application for phones with Android or iOS platforms; And with this tool, business premises will be able to protect their customers from unnecessary exposure from someone who is infected with COVID-19 and must be in quarantine.

"The scoop is that in the next few days we will be releasing the Vacucheck, which is the application for economic reactivation ... and in the next few days we will indicate how businesses, it is dedicated to businesses, will be able to download it and make its deployment because in the case of restaurants we protect the people who are going to eat and now that the open-air bars have opened, they will also be able to have greater controls and prevent people who must be at home due to quarantine not they are frequenting restaurants, bars or shops", Oliva explained about the application.

The AIG administrator assured that in order to use the tool, the owners of the commercial premises, once they have downloaded the application on their mobile device, must request the customer's ID at the entrance of the premises and this will read the bar code of the identification, which will indicate if the person is in the database of the Ministry of Health (Minsa) under the orders of the entity.

Oh ya 12 days ago
And that folks is why we do not trust the education system in panama if he is a Dr
Dr Shawn Pourgol 12 days ago
I do not have a mobile phone and that would limit my usage of the businesses that follow this.
Oh ya 12 days ago
This is also known as the MARK OF THE BEAST. the general public should turn around and walk away if a business asks to see your ID. and when they lose enough customers /money they will stop this population control crap


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