Thursday, May 06, 2021

MP investiga hallazgo de varios fetos en el patio de una casa en Panamá Viejo

AG investigates the discovery of 11 fetuses in the courtyard of a house in Panama Viejo

The Attorney General's Office (Ministerio Público) began an investigation this Wednesday, after the discovery of 11 fetuses in the courtyard of a residence in Panama Viejo.
A family that had just moved into the residence, informed the authorities of what was found while they were making adjustments to the property, as a result of this, AG's Office proceeded to carry out an ocular inspection procedure, yesterday, March 23.

Julio Villarreal, superior prosecutor of the Primary Care Section, explained that "during the development of the adjustments they visualized the products in a planting space, they called the authorities and we went to the place locating around 11 products."

He pointed out that the fetuses are being referred to the Institute of Legal Medicine and Forensic Sciences (Imelcf), to establish the causes or what could have happened in this residence.

The authorities seek to determine “if it is an abortion or what were the circumstances under which they occurred and the state in which they were found ... we are practically starting with the medical legal expertise to develop the accumulation of investigative data that converge on this type of investigation."

Regarding the state in which the fetuses were found, Villarreal pointed out that this will be determined by the expert opinion and the legal medical report.

The statements of the prosecutor Villarreal were given during a press conference of the Aries operation, carried out in different parts of the provinces of Panama, Panama Oeste, Colón and Chiriquí.

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